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Before My Surgery

We are excited your physician and you have chosen Grossmont Surgery Center for your procedure.  Our committment to our patients is to provide clinical excellence in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Before your visit you will receive two phone calls from Grossmont Surgery Center, one from a representative of our Nursing Department and one from a representative of our Business Office.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us. 

Our Nursing Representative will ask the following:


        YOUR MEDICAL HISTORY including:

    • The name of your primary care doctor
    • The name of your cardiologist or any specialist that you see on a regular basis
    • Current height and weight
    • Problems with blood pressure
    • Cardiac problems, cardiac surgery, cardiac testing, blood clots
    • Breathing problems including sleep apnea with or without CPAP, any use of oxygen
    • Diabetes, hypoglycemia
    • Previous stroke, mini stroke or seizures
    • Any infectious disease, recent illness or infection


o   Medications name, dosage, how often you take it and any allergies to medications  



o   Any special needs or requests that you  may have

o   The name of the person that will be bringing you for your procedure and their contact number.


Our Business Office representative will discuss the following:


              o Your insurance coverage and financial responsibilities