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Welcome to Grossmont Surgery Center.  Our greatest wish is to make your visit comfortable and pleasant.   At Grossmont Surgery Center we specialize in ophthalmology and gastroenterology.  As a specialty facility we offer patients the benefits of advanced technology, innovative procedures, outstanding clinical talent and superb patient care. 

Why Choose to Have Your Surgery in an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)?

Ambulatory surgery centers are able to provide high quality surgery at a lower cost than hospitals.  According to Medicare data, patients who have their surgery in an ambulatory surgery center pay an average 41% less than patients having the same surgery in a hospital.  This savings results in less out-of-pocket expense to our patients.  This can make a necessary or elective surgery much more affordable during these difficult economic times.

Patient InformationWe believe that providing as much information as possible enhances your experience and educates you regarding what to expect before, during,and after your visit with us.  Please review the information provided for patients in the pre-registration section.
Cost Savings
Ambulatory surgery centers offer substantial cost savings to patients and care-givers. Click here for graphs and more information. 




Grossmont Surgery Center

We are committed to providing the highest level of patient safety and quality care our testament to our committment is our facility received the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission.  The Joint Commission standards are regarded as being the most rigorous in the industry, the fact that our facility has gone through this evaluation shows an extraordinary committment to provide safe, high quality care and willingness to be measured against the highest standards of performance.